Every Packaging tells a story. We are here to craft yours

Bizongo Desworks helps you build your brand and packaging in a way that delights your customers

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Every Packaging tells a story. We are here to craft yours

Bizongo Desworks helps you build your brand and packaging in a way that delights your customers

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Every Packaging tells a story. We are here to craft yours

Bizongo Desworks helps you build your brand and packaging in a way that delights your customers

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We onboarded Bizongo Desworks and we are very happy with the output they had provided us. Their understanding of the brief was spot on and I was happy to see the depth of thought exercised on each design element. Post redesign, Melalumin has significantly increased its customer base and improved the brand ranking in this category.


Managing Director, India | Menarini Asia-Paciific

We wanted to make our product packaging sustainable, economical, and unique in its form by keeping the adoption of the current process in mind. We are thrilled to say that Desworks was not only methodical in their approach, but their timely communication with the design and engineering team to realize the structures, quick one-on-one mock-ups, made it seamless to get approvals and proceed further. They also picked the right material to make the packaging sustainable and helped us achieve our design requirements. We couldn’t have been happier!


Founder | OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions

We were really happy with how the team worked around our specifications and helped us through the entire process from scratch. Their on-time delivery helped us launch the products in the market faster with unique structures and a fresh set of graphics.Working hands-on with the engineering team on the bottle structures and with the graphics team on overall visuals was superb.


Director Operations, Selzer Innovex Pvt Ltd.

Our happy customers...

What are the top 3 factors that make a good & creative food packaging design?

Products are typically judged by their packaging before a consumer experiences the item, just like books are frequently appraised by their creativity. It is essential to maximise the potential of a food packaging design and optimise every part of it when purchasing decisions are so highly dependent on a package's ability to influence shopping behaviour. After all, packaging plays a key role in your ability to boost sales.

The following three elements will help your packaging design encourage purchases:

1. Attractiveness - Before making changes to your present packaging strategy or introducing a new design, attractiveness is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. This is because
packaging must first captivate clients aesthetically.

2. Uniqueness - Packaging needs to offer something distinctive to fully appeal to consumers, much like aesthetic appeal does, albeit distinctiveness can take many forms.

3. Effectiveness - A creative food packaging design must have both visual appeal and uniqueness, but it's also critical that your plan be very functional and effective.

What kind of materials work well for frozen food packaging?

Most foods grow up to 10% when frozen. Of course, the moisture content of the food plays a major role in this. However, some expansion is anticipated, so the food packaging material must be sturdy to sustain it.

The most popular options for packaging frozen food includes: Polyethylene Film, Polyethylene Derivatives, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Cardboard & Tin Cans.

What are the basic elements of frozen food packaging?

We should first go over what frozen food packaging is. What materials are employed in thevpackaging of frozen foods?
There is now no solitary response to that query. Wax-coated paper, metal cans, and cardboard are a few of the most preferred materials for packaging frozen food. The substance must be both durablevand flexible.

One of the most widely used materials for packaging frozen food is polyethylene shrink film. That is due to its ability to withstand very low temperatures. Additionally, both big and little food items can be packed in it.

How about imported food packaging?

The same strict safety requirements that apply to domestically produced food packaging materials also apply to materials produced elsewhere. In truth, many manufacturers create products that are sold internationally and frequently rely on a clearance and/or safety judgement made under the American regulatory system to support the sale of the product abroad.

Does food gets affected because of the packaging?

The food packaging materials used to surround your food have a number of functions, including protection and preservation, but they must not compromise the meal's quality or hygienic
conditions. As a result, while choosing materials, most of the food packaging company give consideration on how they will affect both health and product quality.

If the packaging, for instance, is determined to be both environmentally friendly and food-safe yet the food itself causes the packing to degrade, new material must be used. To guarantee that health standards are fulfilled, nations have tight regulations regarding the packaging of food.

Why are there so many alternatives for food packaging materials?

You might prefer that your favourite food came in a bag rather than a box, or the other way around. There are many different types of creative food packaging design available, and many products
come in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, the makers of your favourite snack have figured out what kind of material and packaging go best with it. This choice is dependent on the specific
requirements of the product, such as any required protection, distribution methods, shelf-life restrictions, and environmental implications.

What is the main aim of food packaging boxes?

Food packaging boxes has three main purposes: to enclose the food, to preserve it from outside influences and harm, and to tell consumers about its ingredients and nutritional value.

What does food packaging boxes really do for the food?

The food packaging boxes primary function is to keep the product enclosed, safeguarding it from the elements, infection, and damage. Additionally, the packaging serves to identify and define the
product and makes it simple to detect tampering. Transporting and storing items at stores and distribution facilities both require outer packing.

What is the importance of good food packaging?

A food's desirable quality is maintained throughout its shelf life thanks to effective packaging, which also reduces waste. Despite its significance and the crucial role, it serves, the packaging is frequently seen as at best somewhat redundant and at worst a significant resource waste and a threat to the environment.

Desworks is one of the leading food packaging companies in India, providing the best and world-class packaging services to their customers.

What is the outcome of this entire process?

Value engineering helps you draw up a detailed SOP document that provides an optimized packaging solution to help you create a better packaging process in your entire supply chain. It is the process where you get your ‘how’ and ‘why’ together in one place.

How long does this process take?

The value engineering design strategy process depends on the scope of work and the product line.

Why do we need to design & Engineer products & will that be a separate project?

As a design company, we cover the redesign and engineering of your product packaging in the value engineering and package design consultation process. Yes, it is an individual step in the value engineering process.

Do you train while you give SOP guidance?

We provide comprehensive guidebooks to train and sensitize the ground staff through one or two testing trails. It is a step-by-step handbook on the packaging, packing, handling, stocking & transporting.  It helps to avoid any discrepancies and packaging failures.

Is value engineering similar to life cycle mapping?

Value engineering is similar to product life cycle mapping. It gives you a detailed workflow from auditing to benchmarking, inventory management, specific drawings, package redesign prototype, and executing the protective packing design to match your target market.

What entails in packaging audit?

A packaging audit entails visiting the warehouse to understand the supply chain management, and material handling and conducting a performance analysis to ascertain the best way to hold your product intact.

How do I know that my packaging needs value engineering?

We determine whether your protective packaging needs value engineering by conducting a packaging audit and optimal research and benchmarking.

Can Structure Design and Brand Design projects work in parallel?

Yes, structure design and brand design can work parallelly. However, the brand design needs to be applied to the structure form. The majority of the implementation can happen post 60% of work completed.

How do you confirm that the design output will work for the market?

Each step in the Desworks framework of package consulting and designing is interlinked. We ascertain the package design output by studying the market extensively, checking the existing packages and designs, conducting competition research, and matching it with your current pack format to arrive whether the design will work in the market or not.

Do you do factory visits to understand the structural feasibility of manufacturing lines?

As a complete packaging design agency in India, we have all types of packaging services available. We conduct a warehouse and factory visit to understand your inventory management, packaging guidelines, SKUs, pack endurance, etc., to help us present better solutions for your product packaging.

Do you have expertise in all types of packaging material?

Yes, with our extensive vendor consultant network and the demand for different materials for different product lines, we have experience in all types of packaging materials to deliver an excellent creative design packaging with the right fitment.

How long does the new packaging design process take?

A new packaging design process depends on the scope of work and the product line. It also depends on the creative design needed.

What is the process of developing a new packaging design?

To develop an innovative creative design, we conduct thorough market research around the product line, consumer expectations, and the best material fit. Our process flow involves ideating packing design, creating proof of concept mockups, engineering the product package design to test its fitment, presenting prototypes, and creating pilot package samples.

When do brands decide to start with a new structure design exercise?

A new structure is decided on the basis of how a brand wants to position itself on the shelf. It requires an org-level understanding of capital investments.

What sub-services does Bizongo Desworks provide in Graphic Design & Illustration?

Graphic design and illustration are your first visual design touchpoint to create an impact on your audience. We, as the best design agency in India, cater to comprehensive design research, design architecture, and design extension study, create mockups and samples, create a detailed design guidebook, create 3D renders, and make illustrations for impactful communication across various print and digital mediums.

Does Bizongo Desworks take care of the photography required to be used on the packaging?

As your branding agency, we offer stock image options to use for your brand & product packaging design. We also create an extensive photography guide that can be used by brand managers, pre-media agencies, photographers & editors.

What is a packaging design guidebook?

A packaging design guidebook is a document that captures all the design data & elements that are required for the brand design or redesign to move forward. It includes the packaging architecture, design language, imagery, typography, colour palettes, design extension, etc.

Where do you use renders?

As part of our brand-building strategy, Bizongo DesWorks, top design agency, creates 3D renders packaging artwork design which can be used by the client on different digital extensions, websites, e-com listings, POSM, posters, or any brand/product showcase.

How do you know that the given graphics will work with the audience?

A consumer & category study is done at the beginning of the project. This helps us understand your target audience’s expectations, likes & dislikes, and the components required for your packaging design to stand out in the market. We also offer consumer feedback sessions post the design concept stage. It is the first step in ascertaining whether the design will work or not.

What is the project duration for graphics in your design company?

Your packaging graphic design project duration depends on the scope of work and your packaging artwork design.

Do you assess our current packaging graphics before starting the project?

As a design company, we conduct a thorough assessment of the current packaging graphic design before beginning the project. It helps us understand your brand's visual style, colour scheme, and what is working & not working. We provide amazing packaging artwork design. This helps us deliver a unique protective packaging design for your product line.

Which sub-services are included in Brand Experience Design?

We believe in creating the ultimate buying experience through our brand design or services. We conduct an in-depth brand audit, draw up a brand strategy by identifying a unique brand positioning, help you decide the brand nomenclature, craft a unique brand identity for your brand, create a brand narrative, and taglines, and provide experiential productive packaging solutions that help in creating unique digital extensions across several touchpoints.

Will the Brand kit be an output of this service? What is included in a Brand Kit?

Yes, the brand kit will be an output of this service. Our brand kit includes all the components you would require to take your brand experience for the consumer to the next level. These components include a detailed brand strategy guideline, (Brand Vision & Mission, Consumer Persona, Brand Archetype / Personality, Brand Purpose, Brand Values, Tone of Voice, Brand Story & Tagline), Brand Identity Assets & Usage Guidelines (Logo - Structure, Meaning, Proportion, Exclusive Zone, Size, Placement, Variation, Aspect ratio, Do’s & Don’ts; Design Elements - Iconography Style, Visual design Style, Image style/photography style, Color, Typography) & Brand extensions (Print Media - Collaterals / Documents (proposals, invoice, letterheads), Marketing templates (Posters, Advertisements, etc), Digital Media - Social Media, PPT Templates, Favicon)

Will brand experience cover visual grammar for packaging?

Visual design is an extension of the brand experience design and we pay special attention to the visual design and package design to ensure your brand vision is translated seamlessly across your product line on all compact canvas like the packaging.

Can brand experience be agnostic of packaging experience?

Brand Experience and product packaging design experience are two sides of the same coin. To create a brand impact, we advise our clients not to ignore one over the other.

When do clients need brand experience?

Clients need brand experience design when starting their consumer journey and want to launch new products or relaunch existing products with a better look and feel. We believe that the brand design experience should be such that it touches the audience’s chord.

What kinds of industries do you service in brand experience design?

As a design studio, we believe every product industry needs a good brand experience design to wow its audience. We are industry agnostic and help every consumer product or service design company create a Wow factor with our in-depth experiential designs. Any product design company that wants to make their brand design and packaging designs stand out in the market is an ideal audience for us. It may include D2C brands, FMCG products, small and mid-sized startups, etc.

How long does the research take?

The duration of the project brand-building strategy depends on the scope of work, choice of research, and the end objective of the design research.

What is the difference between strategic research and ethnographic study?

Ethnography concentrates on building a buyer's persona, understanding the psychography, sociography, and demography of your target audience or ideal customers, taking cognizance of the pain points of your packaging design, studying the market extensively, etc. And strategy research entails a 360-degree view through a dipstick analysis of everything related to your products.

Is your research specific to packaging design only?

As packaging design consultants, we not only help you with pack designing but also with print design, material handling, creative design and vendor management.

Yes, Our research is specific to packaging design & to the entire system that ensures the right kind of packaging hits the shelf.

Do clients get to be a part of the research?

Yes, clients lie at the crux of all our design and research. As your design agency, we collaborate with you at an early stage of research and help you outline the scope of work. Also, if the client requests joint consumer engagement we are happy to let them be a part of the discussions.

What all is included in design research?

Our design research includes consumer understanding, product study, technical study, competition analysis, material benchmarking, and analyzing the research data points into focus-driven goals. It helps you get your products in the market quicker.

Do you do both qualitative and quantitative research?

As part of your product packaging design, we facilitate and conduct extensive qualitative research through 1:1 observational studies or focus group discussions. It involves collating data points around user behaviour, look and feel of the package, and what resonates with your audience. Quantitative data is restrictive & done along with the client.

What are the different types of research you do?

Our comprehensive research for packaging design includes exploratory market study around competition, category & culture. We do detailed ethnographic research through 1:1 observations and focus group studies by using various stimuli throughout the process.

How long does the pack format consultation process take?

We have a detailed pack format consultation process; however, the timeline depends on the scope of work for your product line.

Do you recommend the substrate for labelling in Print Guidance?

We recommend the substrate for labelling in print guidance as it prevents any label damage and keeps it intact during transit and storage.

Do you have a network of printers for label manufacturing?

We have an in-house engineering team and a printing network that takes care of all label manufacturing.

Do you have a PAN India and global vendor network across all product categories and does it include procurement delivery?

Yes, we have a wide PAN India and International vendor network across all product categories. We do not cater to procurement delivery but the execution. We help in delivery of the package design by tying up with vendor connects, complete the discovery plan, and hand it directly over to the client.

Do you help in price discovery for packaging?

Yes, one of our foremost services is helping you find the perfect vendor and presenting sustainable packing ideas suiting your budget, pricing, and format, with a reasonable MOQ delivery.

Which industries do you cater to?

We cater to several industries such as FMCG, apparel, furniture brands, cosmetics, dairy, heavy industries, D2C industries, consumer durables, electronics, cloud kitchen, etc.

What kinds of businesses should look for pack-format consultation?

Small businesses starting up and want to test their product launch, businesses with lower MCQ for consideration, and businesses who want to scale immediately without large CAPEX investment must consider a protective packaging consultant and invest in pack-format consultation.

How do you decide whether you need a new design or pack format consultation?

We assess your current design and pack format, and have a detailed briefing session with you. Your internal budget allocation, timeline to delivery and product launch, and the overall MCQ for commercialisation play a crucial role in helping us decide whether you need a new design or a sustainable packing consultation.

Does Benchmarking include primary consumer research?

No, benchmarking does not cover primary consumer research. It only includes secondary and market competition research.

Why choose Desworks for Packaging & Branding?

We're Bizongo DesWorks, allied with the Bizongo Corporation, which is the best packaging design agency in India. As a design company, we've designed hundreds of new brands and many products in our time, enough that we took design companies to the next level: brand creation, visual design, and packaging content that works. Regardless of your goals as a business or a product manager aiming for something innovative, rest assured that DesWorks is here to help you pull off something ingenious as a team. 

How long does it take to complete a branding project?

Depending on the number of deliverables and elements, it usually takes us anywhere from 3 weeks (sometimes even less) to 3 months to create and deliver a standard visual design & branding project.

Why is branding & product packaging essential?

At its most basic level, product packaging is all about safety. Whether the product is jewelry or furniture, to provide safety, the manufacturer must make sure that the product remains intact throughout any and every part of its journey between point A and wherever it's headed. Therefore, the packaging should be able to withstand a good pounding but still remain intact enough to protect what lies inside when it makes it to its destination on shelves at any given retailer. Packaging design can go a long way in securing brand loyalty for many reasons; first impressions are everything, so if the package looks professional enough then you can rest easy knowing your customers will have confidence in your product even before they have seen it.

How much does a packaging design project work cost?

Think about what material your food package will be made of. You want to make sure that the manufacturing method or production process matches the materials you choose. The conventional options include plastic, aluminum, glass, and paperboard packaging, but recent advances in eco-friendlier materials may be right for some of your products. When deciding on your packaging designer, it's important to note that 80% of the development cost as in design and testing is fixed - so there's an opportunity to save money by keeping costs down when at the designing and manufacturing stage.

How does the packaging design process work?

Desworks doesn't start with packaging graphic design alone. We understand and we take into account all of your business needs to ensure success for you -all for a cost-effective price, by starting with a session that includes looking at your company's brands, personality, functionality, and much more before proceeding with the design process. Furthermore, our design process is collaborative, and we're with you through brainstorming and product testing to ensure that your packaging is presented in the most beautiful way possible.

What is the goal of food packaging design?

When it comes to deciding on the goal of your product when making decisions about what package you should use, you must take into account things like sustainability, shelf appeal, and lowering costs. This is important in terms of efficiency because wholly overlooking these factors could lead you to certain failures so make sure you're paying close attention to them if you want to succeed. 

There will be a lot of competition out there for sure, so to stand out from your competitors, one should try taking into consideration what makes people tick, such as asking yourself as a design company what hooks on to customers and what sticks. Once you identify these things, they may help boost your sales considerably.

What are the services we provide?

Desworks works with its clients to develop convincing packaging solutions that meet all their goals. We consider the client’s target market and competitive environment, brand personality, product functionality, budget fluctuations, and time restrictions as we develop ideas and package designs that showcase the product in an innovative yet understandable manner.

Desworks has one of the best creative & visual design teams in the business. We have spent decades developing unique and original packaging graphic designs for just about every product out there from chocolates to pizzas. Our packaging artwork designs will help you turn your product into a work of art with durable, edgy, and sophisticated custom packing solutions that are sure to give you an edge in any market.