Ghee and Turmeric

Brand & Packaging design for Food Delivery

Brand Design & Packaging Graphics
Brand, strategy, structure and graphics design for food delivery packaging for Ghee and Turmeric, an authentic North Indian cuisine brand.

With Ghee and Turmeric, Chaayos had a vision of making Authentic North Indian Food cooked in 100% Desi Ghee for consumers. The complete design solution that was formulated resonated with this vision, and helped Ghee and turmeric craft a powerful brand story and experience, delivered through packaging. 

G&T was positioned as a new age brand of good for you food. The dual language logo attempts to establish just that.

Brand Design - Ghee Turmeric

With a devnagri ‘ghee’ becoming the heart of the brand it reiterates the authenticity of the experience. The rounded forms used throughout the logo contrast this with a new age modern feel.  Using honest ingredients, desi ghee & whole spices, G&T provides you an authentic North Indian food experience.Transparency thus became a core brand value. With its unique window-like quality the brand identity for ghee and turmeric gives you a very transparent view into what the brand delivers. 

Brand & Packaging design - Ghee Turmeric

Packaging Structure

The Structure of the Packaging was designed keeping in mind the filling line, delivery system and user habits and environment. Packaging is modular to make it a cost efficient solution. The design helps to drastically reduce the confusion that may be created in the filling line thus making it efficient.

The inserts inside the packaging helps to distinguish the hot and cold zones of dishes and avoid conduction of heat with the insulation provided by the mono carton walls and the air gap.

Brand & Packaging design for Food Delivery - Ghee Turmeric

Packaging Graphics

Ghee and turmeric being within the category of takeaway food it had several different formats of packaging though which the delicious food would be delivered. Conceptualizing a systemic approach to the packaging graphic design thus became crucial.

Ghee Turmeric USPs
Ghee Turmeric - Brand Design

Unique icons highlighting the core brand offerings were carefully crafted to communicate these as the heart of the brand.

Customised stamps were created that represent the different delicious food that Ghee and Turmeric delivers.

This brought a modern aesthetic language while maintaining the authentic North Indian core.

Packaging design for Food Delivery - Ghee Turmeric
Packaging design for Food Delivery - Ghee Turmeric

Building a tabular structure that seamlessly brought the identity and the core offerings together, formed a strong systemic base for the packaging graphics.

Each unique packaging format was then designed specifically to meet the needs of the purpose it served. 

The entire range comes together to create a family of packaging for Ghee and Turmeric that aptly captures the essence of the brand and delivers to the consumer an authentic and gratifying experience.

Brand & Packaging design for Food Delivery - Ghee Turmeric

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